Wilpower is the one-man show of Willem Vermeer, free-lance software engineer with more than 14 years of IT development experience.

His specialization is development of server-side java web applications using frameworks such as Spring and Hibernate.

On recent projects he worked with Liferay portal and Orbeon forms to create awesome online form solutions for customers in the government sector.

Currently working at Immigratie and Naturalisatie Dienst (IND) in Rijswijk preparing the launch of a new customer portal built on Liferay.

Prefers to work in agile environments with a focus on quality and code craftmanship.

Willem holds a Sun Certified Programmer Certification as well as the Sun Certified Web Component Developer Certification.

Wilpower is based in Den Haag region in The Netherlands.

Wilpower BV is registered at the Kamer van Koophandel Haaglanden 27187762